Join My Team!

Are you one of the creative folks we've been searching for?

We'd be a great match - because:

  • WE like to make kits and resources for creative folks;
  • YOU like to make stuff - and share that stuff on social media


So, why not team up?

Inspiration Partners bring our designs to life - you would be introducing our customers to new techniques, getting the most mileage out of their creative kits, and using our products in new and innovative ways. We look for folks who think outside the box - and can take our kits and creative assets, and make them their own.


We're Looking for Folks that are:

  • Colorists that love digital stamps
  • Mixed Media artists & Papercrafters (think BEYOND tags)
  • Magnet, jewelry, and coaster artisans
  • Card Makers
  • Journal & Mini Album Makers
  • Folks that can create the unexpected!

Inspiration Partners should have an existing platform on social media - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest

So, What Do We Look For?

First and foremost, we're on the lookout for folks who love design as much as we do.



  1. You should be comfortable with using digital and printable kits, as well as how to combine them with additional embellishments and supplies to create stunning projects. You should be comfortable with PDF files, how to download them, and how to print them out.

  2. You are already on social media (meaning, you should have an established following on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram).

    WHY? In order to justify giving you free materials every month to work with, there needs to be a promotional benefit to us. You'll be posting your finished projects to these platforms, (and any groups that you belong to that allow sharing of projects). If you aren't willing to post to all three of these networks, please don't apply.

    Promotional graphics can be provided to you if you want them for use on a blog or on your social networks. Of course, we will always provide you with product images for any kits you are working with.

  3. Take great photos. Your images should be clear, with proper lighting. We encourage you to watermark your photos, and we can provide you a personalized watermark to use in your product postings.


What Sort of Time Commitment is Involved?

ONE project per month -- always due the week of the 20th. You pick what you want to work with.


If you wish to take on more than one project per month, that is entirely up to you! As long as you are creating quality projects, we have no issue with shooting additional materials your way.

Sounds AWESOME! How Do I Apply?

Gather (4) of your best projects that reflect your personal style and talents. You may alternately provide us with links to (4) YouTube videos, if that is easier. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Tell us what you can bring to the Inspiration Partners Group that nobody else can.

Best contact information for you (include physical address, email and phone number). Send all of those materials to:

** We will only be contacting those who have been selected for the Group; however, we will maintain your application on file for consideration for the next quarter, if an opening arises. **

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