Inspiration Partners

You've already gotten the sense that we run things a bit differently over here.

We've created a concept we're referring to as our Inspiration Partners Program -- we like to think of it as "creative friends with benefits." What are those benefits? Well, earning 30% commission on your referral purchases, and that's just for starters!

promote projects you make with Ephemoire products - and get paid to do it!

It's a great match - because:

  • WE like to make kits and resources for creative folks;
  • YOU like to make stuff - and share that stuff on social media

So, why not team up, make cool stuff and get paid to do it?

Inspiration Partners bring our designs to life - and they are integral in introducing our customers to new techniques, getting the most mileage out of their creative kits, and using our products in new and innovative ways. They breathe LIFE into our designs - and the value that they provide is NOT lost on us.

Offering them a commission on the sales they help generate is simply smart business.

Okay, so how does this work?

And just to be clear, it doesn't matter if a referred customer purchases the item that our IP was featuring in their video or promotion. They will still earn their commission, regardless of what the customer ends up buying. As long as they enter the site via an IP's referral link, what is purchased doesn't matter.

The way that we track the customer that each partner refers is by giving each of you a specially-coded links that directs to our main shop.

Payments are made MONTHLY, via PayPal, once your commissions reach at least $10. You will need a PayPal account in order to receive payment.

Throughout the year, we will also gift our Inspiration Partners with other surprise goodies - exclusive kits, surprise supply mailings from Traci, and more.

Inspiration Partners should have an existing platform on social media - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest

Can anyone get in on this offer? The short answer is NO.

There are a few, simple requirements that we have in selecting members for our growing team. Read over the list below, and if you think you'd be a good fit for our group, then submit your application!

So, What Do We Look For?
First and foremost, we're on the lookout for folks who love design as much as we do.

  1. You should be comfortable, and adept at using digital kits, and combining them with additional embellishments and supplies to create stunning projects.You should be comfortable with PDF files, how to download them, and how to print them out.

  2. You should already have an existing platform (meaning, you should have an established following on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram). You'll be posting your finished projects to all of these platforms, and should already have a presence there with a loyal following. A blog is not required, but if you have one and wish to promote us there, we'd certainly appreciate it!

  3. Regular posts to your social media channels (minimum 3 per month), IN ADDITION TO your (1) project per month. These should be well-worded, inviting posts that share new items, promote current kits, or alert folks to our current specials. Any "drive by" type spammy posts will result in immediate removal from the IP program. If you have any questions as to what type of posts are acceptable, message Traci for help.

  4. Promotional graphics will be provided to you if you want them for use on a blog or on your social networks. Of course, we will always provide you with product images for any kits you are working with.

  5. Speaking of images, having great photos is also important. Whether you are taking still photos of individual journal page layouts, or videoing an introduction of a project, the quality of your images is important. Your images should be clear, with proper lighting. We encourage you to watermark your photos, and we'll provide you a personalized watermark to use in your product postings.

  6. The ability to convey clear, step-by-step tutorials, share techniques and tips to help our customers recreate your awesome projects for themselves is ESSENTIAL.

What Sort of Time Commitment is Involved?
To start off, you'll receive ONE multi-functional creative kit each month. We may also, at our discretion, provide you with additional materials such as add-on items, clipart, etc. One may not seem like a lot, but we're all about the quality, not the quantity. And, we understand that LIFE HAPPENS. We don't want to overwhelm you - and most of all, we want you to HAVE FUN!

Let me also be perfectly clear - there WILL be deadlines, and it is very important that our IP Team meet those deadlines. You will be given a schedule well in advance, so that you can prepare. We're also here, both in our private FB group and via email, to brainstorm ideas and help answer any questions you may have. This truly is a TEAM atmosphere, and your success is important to us.

You may not be working with the same kit that other Partners are using, and that is by design. We have a private Partners chat area where you'll be able to brainstorm and collaborate with other Partners, as well as gain answers to any questions you may have. Need help finding a certain supply? Just ask - we're happy to help, and we want you to succeed.

If you wish to take on more than one project per month, that is entirely up to you! As long as you are creating quality projects, we have no issue with shooting additional materials your way.

What are the "Rules?"
We have very few, but the ones we have we do take very seriously.

  1. Your project posts should contain the name and of the product used, and a link to our Facebook page. Your project description should also include any specialty supplies used that your social media contacts may also want to use in recreating your project at home. You will be required to post your projects to YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. If you are not willing to do that, please do not apply.

  2. You may not combine our kits with any other designers' kits in a single project. Meaning, you can use paper or embellishments purchased from Hobby Lobby or Joann's, but you cannot include elements that you've purchased or received from another digital designer in any Ephemoirê Project.

  3. As of September 1st 2017, first preference will be given to those who will make Ephemoire their EXCLUSIVE Design Team. Those team members will make 30% commission off of all referrals.

    We don't have any issue with you participating on other Design Teams, however; team members that split their time between Ephemoire and other design teams will earn a lower commission rate (10%) on their referrals.

  4. We DO NOT condone spam, and any Inspiration Partner found to be spamming social networks, email, or groups will be immediately banned from the program.

  5. You may only promote Ephemoirê's products on FAMILY FRIENDLY VENUES.

  6. You cannot earn commissions on your own purchases. If a customer is issued a refund for a purchase, your commission will be reversed as well.

  7. Term of commitment is 3 months. We will review Partner progress each quarter, and touch base with you to see how things are going. If you are unable to commit to 3 months, please do not apply.

  8. If at any point during your first 30 days either party does not feel that this is going to be a good fit, the agreement can be terminated. No hoops to jump through, and no hard feelings.

Sounds AWESOME! How Do I Apply?

Gather (4) of your best projects that reflect your personal style and talents. You may alternately provide us with links to (4) YouTube videos, if that is easier. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Tell us what you can bring to the Inspiration Partners Group that nobody else can.

Best contact information for you (include physical address, email and phone number). Send all of those materials (links to the videos only, please) to:

** We will only be contacting those who have been selected for the Group; however, we will maintain your application on file for consideration for the next quarter, if an opening arises. **

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