Vintage Winged Things - Moths - Butterflies - Dragonflies - Photoshop Brushes - 8 PNG Files and ABR File - Stamps - Overlays - Elements

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Discovered in some long-forgotten journals, these vintage entomological illustrations date back to the mid 1600s! They've been digitally restored, and are now ready to grace your creative projects.

They are generously sized, ranging from 3" to over 11" on their longest side. I've showcased many of these fabulous images large in the previews -- you won't believe how intricately detailed they are!

You will receive (8) PNG files, and (1) ABR file of the set.

I've purposely showcased several of the sample images larger than I normally would -- I wanted you to be able to see just how gorgeous these images really are!

All of the images are rendered at 300 DPI - and the brushes range in size from 3" to over 11" on their longest side. Each image was selected for its intricate detail and uniqueness. They've been painstakingly restored for use in all of your creative projects!

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